The Apology

Course :Storyboarding for animated tv-series 2
Excersize in premise driven storyboarding
Teacher:Adrian Maganza
The Animation Workshop

An alternative 3rd act from the episode The Apology. We were given the premise that Gumball and Darwin brake into the school to find a spraycan left in the boys restroom. With the intent to deface the principles car to incriminate themselves to restore Ms Simians reputation and relationship. When she catches them before the deed is done a wild chase ensues.

Revision advice: Eva Figueroa


Course: Storyboarding for animated feature films.
Teacher: Christian Kuntz
The Animation Workhop

Ellen is a strong headed woman taking great risk helping jews escape from nazi occupied Denmark during the second world war

From the script to the featurefilm ELLEN, Written by James Wyllie and Niels Juul.

All rights: SF Studios and No Fat Ego Productions

Voices: Ellen: Joy Kogelmann. John: Wouter Dijkstra. Godtfred: Sírnir Einarsson

The Box

An exercise assignment in the Storyboard for TV @ The Animation Workshop