American Style Homepage

American Style is a hamburgerchain in Iceland. That serves food based on americana culture. In tandem with a new look and campaign they needed their homepage redesigned. This was in the year 2011

The mission

The previous homepage was bloated with information and some old and irrelevant, pdf´s with contact information and such. We needed to make the page relevant to the visitor and reflect weekly campaigns in newspapers and posters

The solution

We cleaned out what information was relevant to the page visitor and redefined the purpose of the page.

The concept and sketch

Just list what the restaurant offered. Always opening with the offer of the week. But Center and foremost an image of the selected dish and the  right to it information on that dish and it's current price. At the bottom the "boring" information could be found although Opening Hours was given a central place and heavier presence.

The layout sketch

The final result

The campaign was a smash, sales went through the roof and we had to add "jobs" to the bottom banner.